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Change is vital for survival and progress.
Change is vital for survival and progress; it starts in people's minds and creates opportunities. Complacency with past and present achievements jeopardizes the willingness to change.

Change has to be recognized, accepted and encouraged as a natural part of business life. See our page Business Excellence

"Our greatest single challenge is this: Can we initiate enough change, and do it fast enough, to keep us in a position where we continue to win in each of our marketplaces? If we're able to initiate enough change, we'll be able to grow. Because change is everything today. And speed. If you're unable to effect quick change – quick response – you can't survive"

George A. Lorch – in an interview right after he became CEO of Armstrong World Industries, Inc.

In order to be able to initiate change in an organization, being flexible – as is often thought – is not enough. The right mind set needs to be created and developed that leads to initiatives, proactive behaviour, entrepreneurial thinking and responsiveness, thus transforming a company into a learning organization. Such transformation is supported by change, with regard to process rather than departmental responsibilities, authority ("power shift"), information flow, remuneration, employment contracts and the kind of cooperation applied with internal and external partners. When operating internationally, intercultural sensitivity is of the highest importance for achieving the required results.