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Linking people and cultures in business
CULTURE LINK has been designed to help, in an easily digestible way, to understand the differences between people of different cultures, and to learn more about Business Excellence. I hope you will enjoy reading it without being offended by our partly light-hearted illustrations, as we certainly do not want to make fun of anybody. This page will develop and change periodically, taking a friendly look at this sometimes difficult and sensitive subject from different perspectives. Also, you can share insights and quotations from well respected people who come from different businesses, professions and faculties.
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Business is about and between people – people who differ due to their individual and cultural backgrounds. Our characters have been created in a slightly exaggerated way to help us look at certain phenomena through different eyes and from a cross cultural perspective.
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Intercultural awareness, competence and understanding are the ground-rules for successfully operating in an international arena. If properly understood, intercultural differences do not need to be barriers but can provide entirely new perspectives for progress.