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Advice in creating or adjusting company strategies that are supportive to the overall vision, with specific emphasis on cross cultural human resources and organizational requirements.

Analysis of processes, systems, policies and practices in the area of
human resources marketing and development,
organizational development,
remuneration and benefits,
employee and industrial relations,

where opportunities for improvement exist; recommendation of priorities for the most urgent steps to be taken.

Guidance and support with the development and implementation of those practical steps necessary for improvement by involving all the people necessary, in an open and trusting manner.
Advice and support in the design and implementation of organizational change in a multicultural environment, as well as with reengagement efforts concerning management and employees affected, during or after a client has gone through a reorientation phase.

Establishment of an innovative, proactive, strategically focused and service oriented professional Human Resources infrastructure as a basis for sustaining and channelling ambitious business plans in a multicultural arena, and to ensure the application of best practices throughout the client’s organization.

Linkage and coordination of client’s own resources with those of external business partners, ensuring that cultural and functional requirements are met at the expected standard and that the agreed results are achieved.

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