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A summarised introduction of our services in the form of questions and answers
What does your consultancy stand for - what is your mission?
On the basis of high ethical standards, we want to assist clients in achieving Business Excellence by providing superior guidance and support in the area of Cross Cultural Human Resources Development, Organization Effectiveness, Change and Knowledge Management.

Is there anything unique about ANK CONSULTING - what is your vision?
We want to serve our clients at a standard of excellence and be unique through the people, associates and partners related to our consultancy, based on their
diversity in culture, personality and competence,
unity in sharing the same values and
drive to continuous learning and innovation.
Which are your specific service areas?
The key areas we focus on are
Processes, systems, policies and practices
Involvement of people - team building
Organizational change
Professional Human Resources infrastructure
Linkage of internal resources with those of external business partners
Human Resources Management: recruitment, selection, development; staffing of key positions
Management of knowledge and competency
Coordination and/or conduct of management audits
Individual counselling and support
Management/Executive training e.g. ExTra (Executive Training)
International expansions, acquisitions, mergers, alliances, divestitures and turnaround support
Establishment and maintenance of parent-subsidiary relationships in a multicultural environment
Industrial Relations support
Outplacement Consultancy Services - Individual and Group Support
What clients could benefit from your support?
Typically, our clients would have the following characteristics:
In general, they are either
expanding internationally and/or in specific business units,
in a reorientation phase and/or turnaround situations
cooperating with other alliance/venture partners.
Specifically, they are
focusing on their human resources as being critical for sustained company success, particularly in the cross cultural arena,
in need of professional Human Resources competence,
planning to get professional Human Resources and organizational support from external, independent experts
Why is there a need for the kind of support your consultancy is offering?
Two main phenomena, with conflicting effects, can increasingly be observed in today's world of permanent change:
On one hand, companies are becoming more and more international or even global; in this process, interdependencies across the borders are getting stronger, internally within a company as well as with strategic partners, when entering joint ventures or alliances. As a result, there is an increasing need for 'cross cultural competence'  to successfully guide and support the various types of cooperations and changes.
On the other hand, many companies are experiencing a lack of or decreased in-house 'cross cultural competence' resulting from restructuring, reengineering or downsizing processes and the like; others have not built up the competence necessary for achieving their goals because of cost, time or legal reasons.
What is the advantage for my company if you step in and help?
There are various benefits a company can experience; some could  be summarized as follows:
Flexible utilisation of resources without being restricted by cost or legal aspects.
Widening of own perspective and benefiting from best practices of other companies.
Objective support, specially important when cooperating internally between different business units.
Independent help when dealing externally with partners of joint ventures or alliances.
Will my company still need its own internal experts?
Depending on the specific needs, it is our goal to help a company build up and strengthen its own resources and potential. Traditional working patterns are changing. Neither an individual nor an organization can expect to have all the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully operate in today's complex business world.
What about ANK CONSULTING´s own resources?
In order to enlarge and enrich our own capacity, we have built up a network of cooperation ourselves, focusing on professionals in different fields, as well as on universities and business schools. This is an ongoing process, ensuring that our clients are getting service at a standard of excellence, and following our slogan "Linking people and cultures in business".
Are there any 'golden rules' on how to achieve Business Excellence, especially when operating abroad or with foreign partners?
Business life is too diverse to be successfully handled on the basis of a 'standardized manual'. World class companies have become successful by concentrating on some specific focus points, such as "the development of intercultural awareness and understanding" (also see our page on Business Excellence).
Managers who conduct business under the motto "If it works in our country/our organization, it will work in XY-country or with
Z-company" are going to make costly mistakes, maybe without even realizing it. Experienced advisors can help avoid such mistakes and turn potential loss and inefficiency into successful business ventures.
How do I choose the right business partners and experts when operating internationally?
For a start, choose your business partners and experts with care. In general, depending on your specific requirements, the know-how and experience you need are obviously important criteria to be used when evaluating and choosing the right business partners and experts for you. Furthermore, integrity and trust are vital for any successful, reliable partnership. When operating in an international arena, it is often difficult to judge whether the experts you need in certain specialised areas are really the best choice for your company, in the light of intercultural differences. Therefore, it may be advisable to first choose a business partner you trust, with cross cultural competence, who can then help you mobilize, choose and train your local experts.
(see our page on Competence Background).
How do I know that ANK CONSULTING is the right business partner for us?
We would obviously have to jointly sort out in an open way whether ANK CONSULTING can provide you with the type of know-how and experience you specifically need; if not, maybe we can recommend other professionals who would better meet your requirements or, at least, tell you where/how you could find them. To get a better feeling or understanding about what kind of business partners we are, talking to another client who has already experienced the support of ANK CONSULTING might be helpful. We will gladly refer you to one of our clients if you are interested in some direct, personal feed-back. Finally, careful consideration of hard and soft factors is absolutely essential before choosing a business partner. Only successful experience with some joint activities can properly prove whether a business partnership is built on a sound basis - professionally and ethically.
Is there an 'ideal' way of getting some first hand experience with ANK CONSULTING?
Business needs vary from company to company and thus require a specifically customized - and not a standardized - approach. Special focus on supporting their business leaders and key executives is becoming increasingly vital for every organization. As pointed out in our 'Basic Consultancy Assumptions for Achieving Business Excellence', they are of the highest critical importance for the overall performance and success of a company. In the area of sports and its top achievers, providing counselling and coaching on an individual and/or team basis is a matter of course. In the business world, providing that type of independent support for their business leaders and key executives has already become a top issue in some world class companies. This could also be a very good starting point with ANK CONSULTING. Our extensive experience in working with multi-cultural teams and business leaders, as well as with all relevant business processes, enables us to provide you with the necessary systematic support and furthermore, to act as a professional and neutral business partner for your top management.
How can I get in touch with you if I have any queries or need your support?
Please refer to our page Contact & Mail which offers different ways of getting in touch with us. You will also find an easy way of contacting us via the internet, on that page. We would be glad if we could be of help.

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