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Constantly strengthening their Innovation Power has become vital for organizations of any size and purpose, to ensure sustained success. Traditional concepts such as Kaizen, Six Sigma, Continuous Process Improvement and Employee Suggestion or Involvement Schemes, as well as various Creativity Techniques still have their relevance to keep the momentum going. However, they are not sufficient enough to enable organizations to move forward speedily, reliably and effectively, as is required in today’s dynamic world. Also, the new organizational models of the 21st Century, with increasing virtual workplace constellations, are making a different approach to innovation necessary.

Organizations – and individuals – need to be at the forefront of what they are doing. They have to develop and maintain their unique strengths, assume an active role in their specific market place and achieve Innovation Excellence.
How can this be accomplished?
By developing a Vision that clearly reaches beyond present circumstances into the future, providing a sense of direction and freeing people’s minds from restrictive, limited thinking.
By setting up transparent, fully integrated Innovation Strategies that outline the scope of change which is required, focusing on competencies strong enough to build upon, or the type of businesses desirable to operate in, or combining both.
By introducing a clearly structured Strategic Innovation Management (SIM) that is focused on People, Structures, Processes and Systems. This enables an organization to have the right innovation culture and mind set as well as organization structure and processes in place, and to use systems (i.e. practical, up to date tools and methods) that ensure the SIM is target oriented, concrete, measurable and controllable.

The SIM Building Blocks chart covers all aspects of Strategic Innovation Management and shows how the various elements are interlinked.
How can we help you to become more innovative and to develop and transform your organization effectively?
In a modular approach we offer support aimed at strengthening your innovation potential and increasing your innovation quota – from the idea, right through to the actual implementation - by combining state of the art scientific insights with down to earth practical and experienced based solutions.
If you need to produce ideas quickly, reliably and target oriented, Idea Engineering – a cutting edge idea production technology - which we offer in cooperation with Zephram at the University of Magdeburg, Germany, may enable you to find the answers, on a strategic level as well as operationally, for product development as well as for process improvement or cost efficiency.
A structured Knowledge Management approach could ensure the transition of ideas into knowledge, combine that with the existing knowledge and best practices, turn tacit into explicit knowledge, share knowledge, and make it actively exploitable in your organization.
You could benefit from our systematic, experience based Change & Transformation Management process to ensure that ideas are transferred efficiently into measurable results and that technological and organizational change is supported by everybody, thus turning innovation blockages, resistance and suspicion into enthusiasm, openness and commitment.
With our customized Coaching for Business Innovation you are able to rely on advice and support from experienced professionals. This service differs in scope and intensity depending on your specific needs. It is designed to help you to introduce an active Innovation Management Approach that will gain a momentum of its own in your organization and will ensure a successful transition from the initial idea to the actual innovation, thus significantly improving your innovation quota.

It is our objective to focus on your individual needs and to help you to strengthen your Innovation Power. So, if we have made you curious, why don’t you get in touch with us to explore what we can do for you? We look forward to working with you!